Friday, June 29, 2012

Top 10 Things To Do In Virgin Gorda, BVI

  • Natural beauty is in abundance on Virgin Gorda, the third largest of the British Virgin Island chain. 

Virgin Gorda is well known for The Baths, a unique geological formation of huge granite bolders on the southern end of the island. 

Here you'll also discover pristine reefs, secluded coves, yacht clubs, luxury resorts, cottages, villas - and even your own private island if you so desire.

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1. Anegada and Loblolly Bay
Two Options - Take the crowded Speedy's ferry  or Double D Charters - much more fun 

2. Baths and Devil's Beach - Explore behind Devil's beach - you'll find a beautiful, secluded lagoon after a 10 minute hike. Beautiful and away from tourists

3. Chez Bamboo late Friday night dinner- live music (Reggae) until wee hours and decent food

4. Roti at Olde Yard Inn for one of the best lunch in Virgin Gorda

5. BBQ at Hog Heaven - Latest hot spot on Virgin Gorda. Fresh BBQ'd pig, fair prices, good food, incredible views

6. Snorkel off Sunset Watch Villas - yes the reef pictured below is located beneath the villa property! 

Source: via Linda on Pinterest

Leaving the villa - head to the beach, hang left, and wade in through the boulders. The reef has been getting baked by the warming temps, however keep wading/floating/swimming - there's no one ever there.

7. Spend a day at Long Bay (15 minute walk, 5 minutes by car from Sunset Watch Villas) Hike towards mountain point, about 100 yards uphill, and you'll find 400 year old steps, along with ruins of a sugar mill and pirate lookout.

8. Spend a day at Bitter End Yacht Club pool. Catch the ferry at Gun Creek. Rent a lounge chair and spend the day sipping drinks, enjoy the pool. Always interesting people to meet at Bitter End.

9. Rock Cafe (karaoke bar) late spot on island

10. Have a breakfast sandwich at Bath and Turtle - Good people watching spot 

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