Thursday, August 30, 2012

Cheers To BVI Hospitality

It was a pleasure vacationing, experiencing the hospitality,  and casual ambiance of Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands. 

I've taken several day trips to BVI via the U.S. Virgin Islands, however there's only so much you can experience within a few hours. 

Each of the Caribbean islands has something unique to offer, and we found the laid back lifestyle of Virgin Gorda to be a perfect lifestyle fit.  

A concentrated effort was made to drive on the LEFT side of the road, and not get distracted by the stunning views at just about every turn.  

Driving is very civilized in Virgin Gorda - no angry tailgaters here! If you are driving at a slower rate of speed, you simply pull over or slow down, and let traffic pass. 

The drivers always wave and smile as they go by. The locals told us they always watch out for American drivers, as they have a tendency to be in the RIGHT land lane. 

I want to especially give special kudos to Sonny Franklin, the on-site villa manager at Sunset Watch Villas

Upon arrival Sonny asked what time was convienent to check on us each morning, and we looked forward to his pleasant smile, and greeting him as we started each day. 

Sonny Franklin - On-site Manager
With previous hospitality experience in the cruise line industry, and Nail Bay Resort, Sonny knows how to effectively get things done managing the care of guests, along with maintaining the three villa properties at Sunset Watch.  

Prior to TS Isaac blowing pass BVI his calm demeanor put us more at ease. He pointed out the windows were made of extra strong hurricane glass, provided us with extra lanterns, secured the patio furniture, and informed us the backup generator would kick in within minutes if the electricity went out. I was online checking the Caribbean Hurricane Network  when the power went out, and hardly missed a keystroke as the generator kicked in within seconds. 

Sonny works six days a week, and on Saturday he made sure we had everything we needed until Monday.  As we took a leisurely Sunday drive around the island  - who did we run into? Yep, he's always around! 

We have fallen in love with Virgin Gorda and Sunset Watch, and will be returning with the immediate family next year, renting all three villa's, and of course watching those fabulous sunsets!

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