Friday, August 24, 2012

Pocket of Sunshine on BVI

After experiencing Tropical Storm Isaac Wednesday night, Thursday morning brought promise of better weather. 

We decided to go for it, and headed out to Hog Heaven - a popular restaurant featuring tasty ribs, along the best views of Leverick Bay, Bitter End Yacht Club, Necker Island, Moskito Island, and Saba Rock. 

It was fairly sunny when we started out, however as we made the drive up the mountain road, the weather turned ugly. Upon arrival Hog Heaven appeared to be shrouded in a thick white mist, and locked up tight. Damn Isaac ruined the BBQ rib lunch, along with some fantastic photo opps. 

As we sat in the parking lot, we noticed visibility farther up the road was zero, so we had no choice but head back down the mountain. The further we decended, surprisingly sunshine was once again on the horizon. 

Since Isaac's arrival and departure, you had to take advantage of these pockets of sunshine in between the rain, so we headed off to one of Virgin Gorda's most popular attraction - The Baths

With the weather still in our favor, we arrived at the National Park trail very shortly. The mammoth boulders at "The Baths" should be included on the "Wonders of the World List". As you enter the National Parks trail from the top of The Baths, it takes less than 20 minutes to manuever your way through the wooden walkways down to the beach. 

At some points on the trail, you have to decide whether to go left or right in between huge boulders. It was at one of these tight squeeze points my hubby gave me one of those "are you serious" looks. After missing my anticipated rib lunch and photo opp, I was quite serious, so needless to say he trailed along. As we continued down to the beach area, he had to admit this was a pretty awesome experience. 

Some of these boulders are as big as houses!

Down on the beach we ran into two cute girls who were having the time of their lives. They informed us they lost power during the storm, and decided to spend the day doing something spectacular. You have to love people that make the best of a bad situation!

Now another reason for visiting The Baths was to spend time on Devil's Bay - one of the best beaches on the island. In order to get there you have to climb over more large boulders assisted by ladders and rope.  

As I was thinking this was not exactly the perfect beach day, a few droplets of rain start to fall, and then a hard down pour. Devil's Bay will be back on the agenda for the weekend, and with my stomach growling, lunch was now the priority.

Top Of The Bath's Restaurant

We headed back up the trail, and over to Mad Dog's - which I was told was a "must do" while on the island. As with Hog Heaven, the restaurant was closed. No problem! Top of the Bath's restaurant was open, and we ordered coconut chicken spinach wraps, fries and drinks. The wrap was absolutely delicious. 

Another couple suggested we take a dip in the restaurant's pool to cool off - however we have our own private pool back at the villa, so we moved on. Last stop was Buck's Grocery for beer and rum. When we arrived back, we put the iPod on the house speakers, hit the pool with our drinks, and as you might guess - more rain!  

Next post - One of the most unusual things in the Caribbean is right here in BVI - in fact its the only place in the Caribbean you will find this oddity!

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