Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Statia - Small, Perfectly Formed and Overlooked Caribbean Island

While Tweeting and watching the 2012 Olympics closing ceremony Sunday night, I came across this tweet "Small and perfectly formed: Pics of overlooked #caribbean island gem #sinteustatius are here"

I've taken hundreds of photo's in my travels around the Caribbean region, however I have no photo's of St Eustatius. That's easy to explain  - this is the one Caribbean island I have NOT visited. 

While traveling to other islands in the Dutch Caribbean - SabaCuracao, and St Maarten - I admit to bypassing,  and yes overlooking "Statia" - as it is fondly called. When visiting Saba next year, I'm definitely taking a side trip, will take numerous photo's, and finally cross the tiny Dutch island off the "not visited" list.    

Many American's are not aware St. Eustasius was the first entity in the world to recognize the U.S. as a nation, when on Nov. 16, 1776, the island returned the cannon salute of the visiting American brig Andrew Doria. The relationship between the American colonies was formed as St. Eustatius was one of the few places the colonies could purchase weapons to fight the British. 

The above photo's were taken by Carrie Gibson, who graciously offered to let me use them for this post. Carrie is a journalist who completed a doctorate in history in 2010, and is currently writing a book about the Caribbean which will be published by Pan Macmillan.

22 More pics by Carrie of the Dutch colony of St Eustatius can be found here 

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Want to know a little more about this overlooked Dutch Caribbean gem? Check out Statia Tourism

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