Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Mystery of WinoDino

Day two of our vacation I walked around the villa property admiring the variety of tropical plants and flowers, and noticed something rather odd among the trees

What in the world is this thing in the woods?

It's WinoDino
Likely the only white dinosaur dressed in a tux in the entire Caribbean region.  

After inquiring as to how this odd figure made his way to British Virgin Islands, it appears "WinoDino" had a very distinguished career prior to making the tropical forest his home. 

"Dino" was commissioned by the DuPont Company, and welcomed guests to their award winning five star Hotel DuPont in Wilmington, Delaware. A few of the notable guests include Charles Lindbergh,  Amelia Earhart, John F. Kennedy, Eleanor Roosevelt, Bob Hope, Joe DiMaggio, and Katharine Hepburn.  

So there's still the mystery as to how Dino made his way to the Caribbean . . .  

The answer comes from Sunset Watch Villa owner, Ajit Mathew George. He founded Meals On Wheels Delaware back in 1989, and when he retired from the organization in 2007, he was presented with WinoDino.  After receiving this gift, his wife told him he could NOT put it inside the house - so he shipped it to the villa in the British Virgin Islands

Dino's fall from grace includes a reputation of frightning some of the villa guests - there was a complaint about "someone" lurking and peeping in the woods. Unfortunatey the bottle of wine that Dino held broke during the shipping process. Now the arm is rotting and mangled - which may account for a somewhat sinister appearance. 

While having lunch a few days later, I noticed a little "Dino" plaque displayed in the glass kitchen cabinets. So this is what the old boy looked like back in his hey day back at Hotel Dupont?

I think the tropics is the ideal place for Dino, however he could do with a little makeover. 

Now an even more interesting story is Mr. George who is a  self-described “serial entrepreneur, creative marketer, philanthropist, gastronaut, and wine aficionado."

In case you're wondering what is a gastronaut, it's someone who travels specifically to dine in fine restaurants, meet chefs, along with attending food and wine events. 

Mr. George has even dined with Sir Richard Branson on Necker Island. Here's a link to an interview of a most interesting man.   

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  1. I'm enjoying your posts about the Sundowner! We will be staying there for our wedding/honeymoon next May, and love seeing what we're in store for on beautiful Virgin Gorda!

    1. Congrats!! You could not have picked a better place Lori! It's the perfect romantic, tropical beachfront hideaway. You'll love the private pool, and large outdoor living space. Virgin Gorda is beautiful, BUT be forewarned - it's hard to leave Sundowner!

  2. We've stayed at Sundowner twice and had not encountered Dino. Guess we have to plan a return visit...darn!

    1. Thanks for stopping by. Yes you MUST plan a return trip for a Dino encounter LOL - There's been a LOT of interest in Sundowner, so the "secret hideaway" may need further advance for reservations. We are definitely returning.