Monday, September 10, 2012

Hidden Treasure in Grenada

The Spice Island of the Caribbean!

Today’s featured Grenada property is the family owned Cabier Ocean Lodge located on the southeast coast near the tiny town of Crochu – often described as the “Hidden Treasure” of the island. 

After arriving on the island, sit back and relax on the 45-50 minute drive to the property - enjoy the beautiful island scenery, and the scent of spice . . .  You can't talk about the island of Grenada without mentioning SPICE!

The nutmeg tree actually produces two spices - Nutmeg and Mace
Mace is the red waxy red bands which surround the Nutmeg seed. 

The aroma of spice permeates through the air. This is NOT the spice found in your local grocery, we're talking authentic fresh island spice! When visiting the island, I always bring back plenty of fresh Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Clove, Ginger, Allspice, Bay Leaf and Saffron

Cocoa Tree
Grenada is also famous for its Cocoa Trees which produce excellent chocolate. The locals say the chocolate is enriched by the volcanic soil, and warm Caribbean sun. 

Cabier Ocean Lodge is surrounded by the Caribbean Sea on three sides. One side features a lovely beach with calm seas, while the other offers a sheltered bay with pristine coral reefs. The third side offers unrestricted panoramic ocean views.

This is a property for those who want to get away from the typical tourist crowd, and enjoy a more authentic laid back island experience.

The Spa comes highly recommended and offers a refreshing coconut oil massage, or you can opt for aromatherapy sessions with Grenada spices.

Each accommodation offers a balcony with wonderful sea views, along with the trade breezes. Each room has been situated to take advantage of the island sunrise. Aside from the comfortable balcony, there are plenty hammocks and chairs located around the property. 

Onsite activities include archery, sea kayaking, hiking, fishing, and a trip to the islands many diving sites can be arranged. Your hosts will arrange special outings at your request - and include a surprise of their own for your pleasure.

To make your vacation even more awesome, take advantage of the Sailing & Lodge combination, and add a glorious sail on a private yacht through the islands of the Grenadines.

Each night at dinner, guests are treated to the Caribbean tradition of “liming” courtesy of your hosts, the Cabier family. You will enjoy the storytelling, and gain an appreciation of the Grenadian culture.

There are many attractions to visit on the island – hike up to the peak of Mount Saint Catherine - or visit the famous waterfalls in the lush rainforest, the islands national parks, and mangrove swamps. Definitely take a tour and see how the island's spices are processed.  

One person per night for $40.00 USD

Honeymoon suite per night for $120.00 USD

Mangihouse sleeps 1-4 for $900.00 USD per week

Rent Entire Lodge for up to 20 person per night for $4300 to $4600 per week

Send for a free brochure on this property, or directly e-mail the property owners for more info or make reservations

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