Thursday, September 6, 2012

Oceanview vs. Oceanfront - Big Difference

Travelers are often confused - or misled by hotel websites and brochures with the terms "oceanview" and "oceanfront" when choosing a room. There is a big difference!

Oceanview means you will get a glimpse of the ocean from inside your room, or from your balcony. Many times the view may be at an angle, and in some cases blocked by trees or other objects. 

Oceanview rooms are less expensive than oceanfront, so to get the best bang for your buck, choosing a smaller property may offer a better oceanview than larger hotels or resorts - but there is no guarantee.

Oceanfront rooms face the ocean, and offer the best views the hotel or resort has to offer - however some ground level rooms do not provide the best views. Remember the higher floors always offer the best panoramic views.  

If you are going to shell out the extra money for an oceanfront room, make sure you know what you're getting. A travel agent will be able to guide you in the right direction, or if booking on your own contact the hotel directly. 

After checking into your room, if you are not satisfied with the view, contact the hotel manager and ask to be moved to a room with a better view. 

Last but not least, there are different terms for that perfect "oceanfront " room. 

Watch this video by travel expert Peter Greenberg, and find out more.

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