Friday, October 26, 2012

Sandy Cuts Deadly Path Through The Caribbean

Photo: Image taken by NOAA's GOES East at 2:45 GMT on Friday, Oct. 26, 2012


Hurricane Sandy knocked out power, flooded roads and ripped through the out-islands, but authorities have currently reported no deaths.

Government officials stated the storm seems to have inflicted the greatest damage on Cat Island which took a direct hit, and Exuma where there are reports downed trees, power lines and damage to homes. On Acklins Island most of the roads were flooded. Docks on the western side of Great Inagua island have been destroyed. Long Island reported lots of downed trees, heavy roof damage, and much of the crop has been lost. Flooding has been reported on Eleuthera and Abaco, along with power outages.


11 people were killed in eastern Santiago and Guantanamo provinces - it is the worst hurricane disaster since July 2005, when category 5 Hurricane Dennis killed 16 people and caused $2.4 billion in damage. Sandy torn through Cuba on Thursday with top sustained winds up to 110 miles per hour, and the city of Santiago suffered extreme damage.


Massive flooding along with mudslides are reported across the island where over 300,000 are still displaced by the 2010 earthquake. The death toll has reached 26 as of today.


One death is reported in Jamaica when Sandy crossed the island as a Category 1 on Wednesday leaving most of the island without power, water service, and many roads impassable due to flooding. One death has been reported on the island. Officials state the storm did not cause as much damage as initially feared. Most of the banana crop in the Portland area has been devastated, and it appears the worse damage is in the Eastern part of the island. The curfews imposed right after the storm have been lifted, and the airport has reopened.


Forecasts call for Sandy to make landfall along the Northeast coast late Monday or early Tuesday. It is expected to hit during a full moon, which increases the potential for flooding as tides will be at the highest.

In the Worst case senario Sandy could merge with a strong cold front from the west, and morph into a "superstorm" that could sit over New England for days. Weather experts said it's a recipe not unlike 1991's "Perfect Storm."

Reuters reporting latest death toll in the Caribbean at 41

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