Friday, November 30, 2012

Caribbean Travel & Life Magazine Ceasing Publication Next Year

Well - this announcement was a big shock!

Caribbean Travel & Life is my favorite magazine subscription, and the only one I have faithfully maintained through the years. So instead of a monthly Caribbean focus, the region will be included in Islands Magazine in two themed issues in 2013 - and some content in other issues.  

Bonnier Corporation, one of the largest consumer-publishing groups in America, with nearly 50 special-interest magazines has announced Caribbean Travel & Life Magazine will cease publication beginning next year. 

And Caribbean Travel & Life's TV Program, which was produced and created by the magazine’s editorial staff for paid time spots on the Discovery Channel and the Travel Channel, will no longer air. 

Bonnier says that it will produce TWO Caribbean themed issues in May and November, and dedicate consistent pages focused on the region to ensure the title remains relevant among its Caribbean-focused audience and advertising parents. 

As part of this initiative, Islands will increase its frequency to 10x, while Caribbean Travel + Life ceases publication after its Jan./Feb. 13 issue,” an internal announcement from the company says. “By blending content, staff, resources, audiences and business opportunities formerly split between Islands and Caribbean Travel + Life, the Islands brand will be better positioned to compete aggressively and earnestly within all travel segments worldwide.”

By merging Islands’ traditionally strong inspirational content with an infusion of service-based content both in print and digitally, the brand will better meet the needs of its engaged traveling audience in all media channels,” the company’s announcement says.

It is unclear how much of the Caribbean Travel & Life staff will be retained. Guy Britton, director of TV and digital media for the Bonnier Travel Group and publisher of the magazine, is already out.

Source: Folio

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