Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas in Barbados

The round-about's throughout the island of Barbados are decorated with colorful lights and cultural themes for Christmas.

Many of the island traditions other than shopping for gifts include updating the home - It is not unusual to take on projects such as sprucing up the paint on the house, along with purchasing new furniture and furnishings. 

Christmas carols are featured in concerts around the island, as well as on every radio station.  Christmas morning church service is the island's tradition, along with spending time with family. 

After church services, the historic Queens Park is where locals and visitors congregate on Christmas day. 
Everyone looks forward to the Royal Barbados Police Band which always performs at this traditional event, as well as other festivities throughout the year. 

Photo Credit: BajanChristmas - .wordpress

Everyone has on their best Sunday clothes, and the park turns into a island fashion show parade. You gotta love this photo of a proud Bajan father and  daughter all dressed up at Queen's Park. 

Royal Barbados Police Force Band
The Royal Barbados Police Force Band is known around the globe, and have toured throughout Europe, the UK, Canada and Caribbean region. 

The band started touring in 1945, and have received standing ovations at the Edinburgh Tattoo in Scotland, Radio City Music Hall in the U.S., Disney World - Florida, Music of the Nations in Germany, and Earls Court in the UK. They were also the first military band to broadcast live via satellite on the Ed Sullivan show in 1962. 

Traditional Christmas Food

The menu for a traditional Bajan Christmas dinner include turkey, ham, baked chicken and pork, lamb, roast beef, peas and rice, black cake, pudding, coconut cake and sweet bread. 
The favorite drinks are Sorrel and Barbadian Rum - this is the island with the oldest rum in the world!  

Another old traditional island side dish recipe is Jug-Jug - a mixture of pigeon peas boiled and seasoned with salted meat and pork. After boiling the mixture is minced with guinea corn flour, and topped off with a pat of butter.

The preparation for Bajan Black Cake starts in the early spring. A large jar is filled with fruit, along with rum, other liquor, and then refrigerated. 

During the year more fruit is added to ferment, and right before Christmas its time for baking. It's similar to the traditional fruit cake, however it is more like a moist pudding in consistency.

Barbados Snow on the Mountains - Source: Pinterest

Flowers grow everywhere on the island, and when seen on the hills resemble snow - hence the name. Normally used as grown cover, at Christmas the green and white flowers are used as Christmas decorations.

Barbados Christmas Candle - Source: Pinterest

Other island seasonal flowers are the beautiful red Poinsettia plants growing around the island, and the Christmas Candle, a plant that resembles a yellow candle. 

For visitors the Christmas season is definitely the most expensive time to visit the island. To secure reservations at the best price, you will need to make plans well in advance.

Also many restaurants may be closed for Christmas, and the establishments that are open book up quickly. Often a non-refundable deposit will be required to secure your dinner reservation. 

Happy Holidays & Safe Travels,

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