Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dutch St Maarten Pins of the Day

Maho Beach - St Maarten's airport is located directly behind the beach. This is where you will have a sand body blast, along with a good whiff of jet fuel. 

When the planes come in, it appears they will land directly on top of you - let's just say it is a an experience you will not forget. Be forewarned - anchor down all of your beach gear!  

Danger signs are posted all along the airport fence area, however some tourist can't resist hanging on the the fence during plane arrivals - and especially on take off. Personally it was an exhilarating, but "one time" experience. And I didn't even get a pic of the arrival! Had to close the camera lens to keep the sand out, and hold on dearly to all my beach stuff. 

The beach sand blast really hurts, and you can imagine the taste and smell of jet fuel is nothing but fowl. After all this your first inclination is to get back in the water to wash off the smell, however keep an eye on the sky - this is a very busy airport.      

My ideal beach day on St Maarten is Mullet Bay where I can chill with drinks, snacks, along with my trusty iPod and e-book reader. When I'm on this side of the island, I'll stop by Sunset Beach Bar, and watch the sand blasting while having a cocktail in comfort. As the bar name implies, it is one of the best places to view and capture awesome sunsets. 

Have to give props to all the travelers who have taken great pics of the landing

Sunset landing at Princess Julianna Airport, St. Maarten

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