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Misty Bliss Festival 3500 Feet Above Sea Level

A tropical mist paradise, misty bliss, a gift of nature, and a natural treasure describes Holywell - the 25-acre mountain retreat nestled 3500 feet above sea level.  

Celebrating 20 Years - March 3, 2013 - Misty Bliss 2013 

Mist shrouds the wrinkled peaks of the Blue Mountains - with over 190,000 acres of mountain rainforest. The park got its name from the bluish, mist-enshrouded mountainsPhoto credit Paul Zahl - Natural Geographic 

This annual festival celebrates the cultural and resources of the Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park of Jamaica with entertainment for adults, and educational and fun activities for children. 

One of the newest attractions at Holywell (pronounced Hollywell) is the Kids Discovery Zone, which was built to facilitate children ages six to eight years old as well as primary school groups.

The event will feature entertainment, crafts, and traditional and mountain cuisine such as crayfish, rundown with bananas, bussu soup, jerk pork, roast yam, blue drawers, natural juices, Chaklit Tea and Blue Mountain Coffee will be on sale. Art and craft items as well as herbs, plants, fruits, and ground provisions will also be available for purchase at the Market Place. 

Entertainment is usually provided by local and national talent including the Charles Town Maroon Drummers and Dancers. 

Holywell offers five nature trails with interpretive signs, namely the Oatley Mountain, Waterfall, Shelter, Dick's Pond and River Trails, in addition to sprawling picnic areas, gazebos, and an educational visitors center. 

There are also three furnished and fully equipped, rustic, log-cabins at the western end of the property for overnight stays, and for the more adventurous, five camp sites for sleeping under the stars.

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