Friday, July 26, 2013

U.S. Travelers Dine Out 10 or More Times on Vacation

More than half of U.S. travelers (52%) dine out 10 or more times while on vacation, according to a TripAdvisor survey of more than 1,600 respondents 

More survey results: 

  • 83% said they make it a point to experience a dish for which a destination is known 
  • 19% have taken a “foodie” vacation to experience the regional cuisine 
  • However, a quarter of respondents said American cuisine is their top choice, followed by Italian (19%), Mediterranean (7%), Mexican (7%) and French (4%).

Travelers get advice from several resources 

  • Online Reviews (77%)
  • Local Residents (66%)
  • Hotel Concierges and Staff (56%)
  • Family or Friends (44%)

Half of the respondents said they prefer locally sourced food at restaurants, and 77% say they prefer to dine out at independent establishments rather than at chain restaurants.

While 67% usually indulge in less healthy food options on vacation, less than 1% said they choose fast food. 

Top 5 Favorite Types of Restaurant Settings:

  • Casual Dining (26%)
  • Waterfront (20%)
  • Bistros or Caf├ęs (18%)
  • Alfresco (13%)
  • Fine Dining (11%)

When asked what annoys them most about a dining experience

  • 56% noted slow or poor service
  • 22% said nothing annoys them
  • 66% have sent a meal back to the kitchen

Dining discounts sway decisions on where to dine for 55% 

  • 61% usually eat at restaurants that cost $10 to $25 per person
  • 29% choose venues that cost $25 to $40
  • 6% opt for restaurants that cost $40 or more per person

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