Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Americans Paying Big Bucks Not to Have Fun in Cuba

I recently blogged about the Cuba People to People programs current offered to American travelers to Cuba - and I did notice there was no mention of beach time.  

Traveling to any Caribbean island and not being able to walk on the sand, and swim or snorkel is a real problem for a beach lover like me. I'm all for cultural experiences, however paying big bucks for a "monitored" trip is not my ideal vacation. 

Previously travel to Cuba was regulated to only "educational and cultural" sponsored trips, and from the recent article I read at Skift, American travelers still have no time on their own to do as they wish. 

Here's what recent visitors had to say . . .  

After several frenetic days of traveling, listening to lectures, walking through historic Havana and meeting Cubans, Terry McAbee did not hesitate when asked what the trip with her fellow West Virginia school teachers was missing.

Beach time,” she said with a laugh. “They have these beautiful beaches and we can’t go.”

We’re not supposed to be having fun,” another teacher, Steve Stanley, joked as they sat sipping drinks with 20 fellow travelers in a small Havana bar.

They are part of the growing flow of Americans to Cuba on so-called “people-to-people” trips, the only kind the United States government allows for most citizens under its 51 year-long trade embargo of the one-party state.

The trips are regulated to be more like work than fun - “meaningful” in the political parlance of the times  - so no beach time on heavily scheduled sprints through Cuban society. Read more

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