Thursday, September 5, 2013

Size Matters - Finding the Best Seats in the Sky

RouteHappy says their mission is to help you fly better!

Since all flights are not created equal, the site has combined hundreds of data sources to build Flightpad, a proprietary Flight Product Attribute Database that powers a new breed of flight search. All the flight data is broken down by airline and route. 

The goal is to help travelers easily find and buy the "happiest flights" for the lowest price, every time you fly. The "happiest flights" are derived from the database which grades shorter flights, seat types, entertainment options, seat configurations, Wi-fi, airport food and more. 

Route Happy gives travelers the option of searching the database on the site or through the Route Happy app

The airline database includes an extensive list of domestic and international carriers and airports. The best option is being able to narrow the search by seat quality, and other amenities. Also there is a Top 10 Tips button based on your search criteria which provides even more info. 

I downloaded the app yesterday, and it has a real simple interface, and loads of great content when you're on the go. Here's the iTunes link

RouteHappy's blog also provides a lot of good info for air travelers

Happy Travelers,

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