Sunday, October 20, 2013

Royal Caribbean and Curacao Talk New Mega Cruise Pier

One of my favorite sunset photo's was taken at the current cruise port in Curacao in February 2012

Photo Credit - Travel 2 the Caribbean

Royal Caribbean cruise line is in talks with Curacao government to add new mega cruise ship pier

Curacao's Minister of Economic Development met with different organizations about adding a second mega pier for cruise ships - as well as a cruise terminal in Caracasbaai

The Curacao Chronicle reports Royal Caribbean has shown "great interest" in a second mega pier in the area, and the cruise line confirms this in their blog. 

Both the cruise line and the island's government officials agree further discussions are needed regarding Caracasbaai so that other aspects of the project can be researched further, including nature and the environment.  

This part of the island is popular with locals and tourist for diving and snorkeling as the waters are normally calm, and it is part of the Curacao Underwater Park. The beaches in the Caracasbaai area have a course sand, along with lots of pebbles. 

Royal Caribbean says the Caracasbaai project does not preclude current plans on a second mega pier. The aim is to offer the city center as part of a tour which leaves from Caracasbaai.

Source: Royal Caribbean Blog

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