Tuesday, November 26, 2013

2013 Anegada Lobster Festival in British Virgin Islands

November 30 - December 1, 2013

Tasty Caribbean lobster dishes prepared by award-winning 
local and international chefs at 10 different restaurants 

Dine on mouthwatering lobster served grilled, jerked, curried, ceviche, broiled, stewed and so much more… 

Party on the beach where restaurants and beach bars will be serving additional plates of lobster, seafood and Caribbean inspired dishes. AND the party continues into the night with music and entertainment. 

Check out the menu's on a few of the participating restaurants

Anegada Beach Club ($12) 
1. Lobster Gazpacho 
2. Lobster Rockefeller 
3. Coronation Lobster 
Small glass of White Wine 

Anegada Reef Hotel ($12) 
1. Grilled lobster 
2. Lobster fritters 
3. Lobster pasta 

Big Bamboo ($12) 
1. Marinated Lobster in lemon and herbs 
2. BBQ Lobster in our home made style 
3. Grill Lobster in garlic butter 

Cow Wreck ($12) 
1. Lobster slider with homemade fries 
2. Curry lobster on a bed of white rice 
3. Anegada home-style lobster with a side of rice

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  1. This gets underway tomorrow! Should be a great weekend!

  2. Definitely a great weekend - wish I could attend. Next year!!