Monday, November 4, 2013

Mystery Lone Tree of Harbour Island Bahamas

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Locals say the "Lone Tree" washed ashore during hurricane Andrew over a decade ago - and other than the mystery of how it arrived on the beach - they say it also moves around  . . . 

Girl’s Bank Beach - The Lone Tree - Harbour Island, Bahamas
Photo Credit: Travel 2 the Caribbean

This odd piece of driftwood is one of the most photographed and iconic images on Harbour Island, Bahamas. It has been the backdrop for many international fashion shoots, a favorite spot for island wedding photo's, and the perfect beach photo opp for tourists. 

Locals tell various stories of how the driftwood tree came to rest on the beach. Some says it is an almond tree that washed down the cliff, while other say it is a pine tree that blew across the waters from neighboring island Eleuthera

The enormous piece of driftwood is anchored on a shallow sandbar, and as the tide comes in and out, the infamous tree is said to slightly move its location on the beach. 

What I find intriguing is it's upright position. How does a tree blow onto an island during a hurricane, arrive in tact, and plant itself upright? One things for sure, Lone Tree seems to like this particular beach spot as none of the hurricanes or tropical storms in the past 10 years have blown it anywhere else. 

Harbour Island is also known for its famous three miles Pink Sand Beach, which has always been included in the list of world's best beaches. 

Pink Sand Beach
“Best Beaches in the World" List for 2013 by Travel + Leisure
Photo Credit: Travel 2 the Caribbean

While some tourists think the Lone Tree is on Pink Sand Beach, it's actually located on Girl’s Bank Beach. Just head to the end of Bay Street past the power station to the shallow bay and view this unique natural beach art mystery.

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