Thursday, November 7, 2013

Naniki Caribbean Jazz Safari - Next Stop Grenadines

Naniki Caribbean Jazz Safari makes its fourth and final stop this year, at Calliaqua Courts, St Vincent & the Grenadines on November 29, 2013 

Caribbean Jazz Safari - An adventurous, exotic event moving from venue to venue and country to country in keeping with a safari experience providing patrons, artists and sponsors with an unforgettable musical journey

The jazz safari is a highlight of Tourism Week on the St Vincent Festival calendar in the lead up to the Christmas Season.

Performing Artists: Grammy Nominee, Shontelle from Barbados, Guy Marc Vadeleux Trio from Martinique, Guitarist Derek McKeith (USA) and his jazz funk band, The Original Unit jazz trio from Barbados, and special guest St Vincent International Recording Artist Frankie McIntosh.

Tom Hinds is the organizer of the Naniki Caribbean Jazz Safari, and is also the owner of the popular Naniki Restaurant in Barbados. 

Hinds idea was to allow local regional artists to perform with their international counterparts at home and provide educational opportunities for local music students through a workshop and guitar donations that will take place in partnership with the Travelling Guitar Foundation.

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