Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Eleuthera Bahamas All That Jazz Fest 2014

Jazz in The Bahamas
March 26-30 2014

The annual jazz festival in Eleuthera, Bahamas brings international and local musicans together for a long weekend jazz celebration   

The funds raised from the concert will support the local Haynes Library which dates back to 1897. The libruary plays an important part in the local community as it provides numerous free services and outreach programs such as homework assistance for school children, arts and crafts, and computer literacy with high speed internet access.  

All over the island during the five day event there will be jam sessions, and music master classes for children and adults

Festival Lineup:
Headlining the festival, and bringing Latin Flavor will be Grammy Award Nominee Bobby Sanabria and his Quarteto Aché band

Bahamas Musicians/Vocalists
Peanuts Taylor, Clinton Crawford, Dion Turnquest, Kevin Dean, Rodney Simpson, Valentino Richardson, Giveton Gelin, Clement Penn, Naomi Taylor, and the young Taylor Brothers. 

International Musicians
Antoinette Montague, Samuel Parker Trio, Jesse Engle, Don Bouchat, Jonny Schuten, J Adrian D'Aguilar, Ralph Munnings, Lamont “Shorts” Gibson, Dion Turnquest, and Osano Neely

Festival Events:

  • March 26 - Jazz Night at Rainbow Inn
  • March 27 - Jazz at the Beach House
  • March 28 - Jammin’ on The Steps at the Hayne’s Library 
  • March 29 - Eleuthera All That Jazz Concert at The Levy Preserve 
  • March 30 - Jazz on The Beach
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