Friday, February 21, 2014

Fireball Full Moon Party at Trellis Bay BVI

My first Full Moon Party in Tortola, British Virgin Islands far exceeded my expectations. 

I was prepared for a night beach party with live music, food/drinks, and fireworks. 

Now fireworks in my part of the world shoot up in the sky, however the Full Moon Party "fireworks" were unlike anything I'd seen. 

Actually they are amazing intricately carved metal Fireballs. One is shaped in the image of a jumbie dancer, and the rest are cube and pyramid shaped with designs. The metal balls are set in the water along the beach, and once lit burn throughout the night.   

Here's the scene - live reggae music jammin' in the background, BBQ buffet dinner, lots of drinks, and the beach crowd dancing with the stilt walking Moko Jumbies. If nothing more happened that night, I would have been perfectly satisfied. 

But then at 9:00 p.m. the Fireball show started - and it was impressive!  

First the jumbie dancer replica was lit out in the water, and soon fire dancers were everywhere moving around the beach. As the night went on, the carved cubes and pyramids were lit. As the winds picked up, the fires grew and changed shapes. Between the flames and moon reflecting off the water, it was a rather magical night. 

So check the calendar, and if at all possible plan your next visit to Tortola during a full moon, and head to the Trellis Bay Cyber CafĂ©. It will be one of the highlights of your vacation.  

Aragorn is famous for his sculptures, and they are on display at his beach studio at Trellis Bay.

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