Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Virtual Balcony Staterooms via Royal Caribbean

One fact about cruising - Once you've cruised with a balcony suite, it's gonna be that way forever. No, after that first time, you cannot book anything else!  

Royal Caribbean wants to give everyone the balcony experience. The photo below is the new feature "the virtual balcony" being shown on the wall.   

Photo Credit: Royal Caribbean 

Yes balcony cabins are way more expensive, and limited on each ship. And inside cabins can be claustrophobic, but seriously?? Uhmm, maybe I could display images of the Caribbean on my wall - have a virtual reality experience of being in the islands instead of the reality of 10+ inches of snow - OK, let me just get on with the post . . .   

Royal Caribbean will debut "virtual balcony staterooms" via 80-inch floor-to-ceiling HD displays framed to look like an actual balcony. Eighty of the new rooms set sail this month on Royal Caribbean's ship Navigator of the Seas.

The TV's display close to real-time video from the bow and stern of the ship shot on RED Epic HD cinema cameras, complete with audio. If you get tired of the "virtual view" you can switch the view using an in-room remote, or use the remote to the "virtual" curtains. 

Will inside cabins become more costly with virtual views? Probably. I'll be interested in hearing how the first "virtual stateroom" cruisers enjoyed the experience. 

Royal Caribbean

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