Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Tortola BVI Original Virgin Canopy Tour

What the island chain does not offer are high rise hotels, glitzy nightclubs, casinos or the typical tourist attractions. 

Instead visitors are drawn to this part of the Caribbean specifically for its laid back vibe, sailing adventures, first class lodging, and exploring nature in all of it's perfection.

So it was of great interest when in the Fall of 2013, 
Tortola launched its newest tourism attraction
"The Original Virgin Canopy Tour"

Similar to a zip line, the Original Virgin Canopy Tour has seven traverses built in between and above the island’s towering trees. 

The SYPLINE© safety system is safer and quieter than outmoded "WIRE" zipline systems. One element of the tour include a two story climb up an inclined ladder while you are attached all the way.

At nearly 1,000 ft above ground, the canopy tour offers magnificent aerial vista of Tortola, Norman Island, Peter Island, Deadman’s Chest, and Flanigan Island - and on a clear day St Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands comes into view. 

And the beauty of this tour versus the normal zip line where all you see is a "fast flurry of green" -  you will have stops along the way. So while not as daring as other zip lines, how many opportunities do you get to take aerial pics at nearly 1,000 feet above sea level?   

In fact the photo tour starts when you arrive at the tour site on top of Johnsons Ghut. At this vantage point you will be amazed at the panoramic views overlooking the south coast and the Road Town Harbour.

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