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Bermuda - A Distinctly Un-Caribbean Destination

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Bermuda is well known for Bermuda shorts, silky pink sand beaches, the bluest skies, Dark & Stormy Rum - and let's not forget the Devil's Triangle - which for reason's unknown bear the islands name.  

If you have not visited Bermuda, you made not be aware the island is actually many small islets around the Main Island, and seven others which are connected by bridges. 

Also Bermuda is NOT a Caribbean island - instead it's a subtropical North Atlantic coral island just off the coast of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. Being located farther north, the island temperature is controlled by the Gulf Steam, and the months of June thru September offer the most tropical island temperatures. 

After visiting twice in the warmer months of July and August, the glorious pink sand beaches, turquoise waters and blue skies are the reasons I always include Bermuda here in the blog. 

One of the national symbols of Bermuda I found quite interesting are the numerous Moongates found throughout the island at hotels, parks, entrances to homes, gardens, the airport and cruise terminal at the Royal Naval Dockyard. 

The moongate circle is a symbol is unity, peace, happiness, and it's origin is Chinese. In the 1800's a sea captain from Bermuda was captivated by a moongate in a Chinese garden, and upon returning home, built his own circular structure which eventually became popular in the 19th century - and today is a national island symbol. 

There are several beliefs and traditions regarding the moongates. It's a tradition for newly married couples in Bermuda to walk through the moon gates, along with the bridegroom carrying the bride through the moongate arch. If you decide on Bermuda as your wedding destination, there will be a moongate included.

It is also believed that visitors who talk through a moongate will always return to the island. Bermudians feel these circular structures are rather "magical" and all who walk through will be blessed with good luck and happiness. 

Things worth knowing when visiting Bermuda:

  • Get used to saying Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Please and Thank You - Bermudians are very polite and expect the same
  • There is a dress code! You cannot walk around in bathing suits, and men must always wear a shirt.
  • No car rentals! In fact Bermuda has a strict rule of car ownership only for local residents. Taxi's are extremely expensive! The roads are very narrow, lots of blind curves, driving is on the left, and the speed limit on the entire island is a maximum of 35 mph. If you rent a scooter (called putt-putts), it will be set to a maximum speed setting. Other transportation options are the Blue and Pink buses, along with the ferry which will take you to Hamilton, St. George, and the Dockyard. 
  • KFC is the only fast food restaurant chain on the island as they arrived before the ban on fast food chains was put in place. 
  • Bermuda is a golfers and divers paradise! The island boasts more golf courses per square mile than anywhere else in the world, and there are hundreds of wrecks for divers to explore. 
  • Bermuda has one of the highest concentrations of limestone caves in the world

And meet Mr Happy Man!
Can you imagine a man who would get up every morning - rain or shine -  and between the hours 3:45 a.m. to 10 a.m. to wish every commuter who passes love and well wishes? 

Some people think Johnny Barnes (Mr Happy Man) is a nut case, however I say we need more people like him in the world. Johnny is about 90 years old now, and he is a Bermudian institution and love ambassador. The community errected a life size bronze statue in his honor, and he will definitely brighten your day! 

Happy Travels,

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