Saturday, June 7, 2014

Amazing Cuba Skate Video

Cuba Skate from Cuba Skate on Vimeo.

One of Cuba’s most creative skaters and surfers, Yojani PĂ©rez Rivera reflects on how he and his amigos are #livingoffthewall to make the most of the little they have. Mamerto, as he’s known around the island, is among the most active local skaters advancing Cuba Skate's mission.

Cuba Skate, an NGO created by American skater Miles Jackson, is in the process of creating a documentary feature following the lives of Mamerto and his scrappy crew, 23yG, to rally the international skate community around its goals:

1. provide much needed skate materials to the Cuban youth
2. renovate the only, dilapidated skatepark in Havana
3. establish the first skate shop in Cuba and foster a bilateral educational exchange between Cuban and American skaters

Winning Vans’ #LIVINGOFFTHEWALL Contest would help us make the Cuba Skate documentary a reality and share Mamerto and 23yG’s story with the world. Thanks for your consideration!

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