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Tobago Heritage Festival - Renewal & Remembrance

Tobago Heritage Festival - An Experience of Renewal & Remembrance

July 16 - August 1, 2014

The Tobago Heritage Festival is held every year from the middle of July to early August, and this is the premier cultural event on the island, with a new theme every year. 

The people of Tobago are very proud of their culture, and this is the best time for visitors to experience the authenticity of the islands African roots.  

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The laid back picturesque island has numerous quaint villages - and this unique festival allows visitors the  opportunity to explore the island as they move from one village celebration to another enjoying traditional folk singing, dancing, story-telling, theater plays, jump ups and of course the traditional local cuisine - especially the national food Blue Crab and Dumplin - absolutely delicious!!  

The villagers dress up in traditional costumes that depict village life from the early 1900's, and each village has different events which range from 'ole time mas, 'ole time dance (Bele, Jig and Reel are based on 18th & 19th century European formal dances), old time wedding, limbo and jig to stick fighting.

One of the main events is the traditional "Ole Time Wedding" 
in the village of Moriah.

This mock wedding emphasizes the  influences of the European culture on the local population. The colorful wedding procession features the bride in a satin dress and groom in top hat. The wedding guests dance down the street to the beat of the fiddle and tamb'rin (a circular skin drum).

The Heritage Festival was started in 1987, and it's primary purpose is not just entertainment. This is a celebration of the ancestors. It's a time of dedication, and the opportunity to preserve and pass down the values and customs to a new generation - along with entertaining the islands visitors.  

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