Friday, July 25, 2014

Celebrate Chocolate Fest 2014 Grenadian Style

Grenada Chocolate Fest 2014  - August 18-24, 2014 

Indulge in pure, delicious organic chocolate, and learn from Grenadian artisans how hand made, small batch, ethically produced, tree to bar chocolate is created.

Image Credit: Blue Bay Travel UK

♥ Chocolate - OMG, having a serious chocolate snack attack just writing this post!! 

Discover how truffles are made, along with chocolate tempering and molding. Experience the aromas, flavors, scents and benefits of luxurious pure cocoa butter, savor the aroma of fresh herbs and cocoa teas.

Image Credit: Blue Bay Travel UK

Indulge in the coolest chocolate homemade ice-cream and enticing deserts. 

Take a look at the themes for this year's chocolate fest

  • Monday August 18 – Get in the Mood for Chocolate
  • Tuesday August 19 – Chocolate Indulgence
  • Wednesday August 20 - Chocolate Workshops 
  • Thursday August 21 - Chocolate, Rum and other treats
  • Friday August 22 - Let's Get Cooking
  • Saturday Augst 23- Chocolate Glamour Day
  • Sunday August 24 - Visit the Estate and Meet the Cocoa Farmers

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