Thursday, July 24, 2014

Nevis Culturama - De Caribbean’s Greatest Summer Lime

Nevis Culturama is celebrated each year starting around the end of July and winding up around the 5th of August.

Photo Credit: St Kitts Observer

This year the 40th Nevis Culturama celebration officially starts today (July 24), and there are numerous activities throughtout the month including: Dance competitions, sports, live music, poetry, the famous Nevis horse racing, local food stalls and a bar run! 

The big street parade is scheduled for Tuesday August 5th, and the popular Culturama competitions will include the Nevis Mr Kool, Miss Culture and Swimwear pageants. 

Culturama is embraced by the islanders as a way to ensure the customs, arts and traditions of Nevis are preserved. Visitors are invited to take part in this real Caribbean experience. 

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