Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Blogging the Caribbean

Here's an interesting mix of Caribbean inspired blog posts featuring Pancakes, Fresh Spice, Hell, and Caribbean Weddings -  and more!

Mango Pancakes with Mount Bay Barbados Rum!!
Photo Credit: 700 Experience Blog 
Mangoes, Pancakes & Mount Gay - Oh boy, this is a winner three ways!!! 
Here's the recipe

The Spice Plantations of Grenada
the scent of spices floating through the breezes on this beautiful island!

To experience the spice-filled heart of Grenada, drive through fields of nutmeg, sample spice-infused teas and nutmeg-seasoned dishes and visit a traditional working spice plantations surrounded by aromatic, tufted spice crops. Head over to Virgin Atlantic's blog to read the post

Hell Is Closer Than You Think
My opinion is one trip to the town of Hell in Grand Cayman is enough - and that's exactly how many times I have visited. 

But where else in the Caribbean can you send family and friends a postcard from Hell?

Four Caribbean Wedding Planners
Who can resist the romance of a tropical island? 

There are so many beautiful places to marry in the Caribbean. The Bahamas, Barbados, Tobago and St. Lucia are some of the top-runners when it comes to tropical weddings. 

And with some of the greatest planners just waiting to help you plan your wedding or to take the stress of wedding planning completely off of your shoulders, there is no reason to stress out about the big day.

Earthy Caribbean Delights! 
Andromeda Gardens, Bathsheba, Barbados. Photograph by John Webster

Beautiful photos of Caribbean gardens in Barbados, Cuba, St Vincent, Martinique, along with Guyana and Suriname.

Caribbean Islands with a European Vibe
Home to the third oldest political system within the British Commonwealth, 
Barbados’ historic parliament buildings are prime examples of Gothic architecture. 
Photo: Flavio Vallenari/iStock

The best of the Caribbean & Europe come together in these islands

Happy Travels,

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