Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Caribbean Vine Video Loops

Vine is the best way to see & share life in motion by creating short, looping videos. 

Here's three I liked featuring Aruba Flamingos, Puerto Rico horses, and dancing on the island of Grenada

Flamingos at the beach? Only in Aruba! 

(ˆ◡ˆ)  Flamingo Trivia 
Did you know Flamingos sleep while standing on one leg? 
Some scientists think there's a connection between the one leg position and the way their brains function during sleep - one-half of the body & brain can sleep while the other half, including the leg they stand on, remains somewhat alert. Other theories are the one leg is less visible to prey, along with promoting the circulation of blood in the legs.

Puerto Rico's post on Vine

In love with the wild horses of Puerto Rico's on Vieques Island!

Dance 'D Belaire (Belle') performance at St George University, Grenada 

♥ the traditional dress & dance

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