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Best Way to Explore Oranjestad Aruba

One of the best ways of getting around downtown Aruba - and it's FREE! 

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Inaugurated in 2012, the hydrogen-powered trams are the free alternative to explore Aruba's capital free of charge. The tram makes six stops, at monuments and museums along the way - as well as at popular shopping and dining establishments. 

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Aruba is starting the transition to 100% renewable energy, and hopes to become one of the world's first sustainable economies. Sir Richard Branson's Carbon War Room Smart Island Economies initiative is developing a model that can be replicated across the Caribbean and Pacific islands. 

The solar-powered tram uses no fossil oil and produces no carbon emission. The self-powered hybrid/electric cars run on sophisticated energy and power control software combining lithium batteries, regenerative braking, and a hydrogen fuel cell. 

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The inner city loop runs the full length of Main Street with departures from the wharf at the cruise ship terminal to the Schelpstraat, and all the way up to the end of Mainstreet. The return trip's starting point passes through the Havenstraat, up to Burger King and makes six stops with the last stop of the popular Bon Bini Bazaar.  

Passengers have the choice of the top of the open roof double-decker or riding in the shade of the single deck. 

The tram has been a hit with the locals as they use the streetcar to easily travel the downtown area, while tourists use the service to do their shopping, visit the archaeological and historical museums. The tram will be of special benefit for cruise ship passengers for returning to the main gate of the cruise terminal quickly. 

The tram is modified with a hydraulic lift to accommodate wheelchairs and disabled. The street car operators have been certified to operate the vehicles, and there are always a conductor and two officials on board each car. The officials inform passengers where to get off or get on the car, and what specific stop is approaching.

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The Streetcars of Oranjestad, great pictures and background story about Aruba and the streetcars. Lots of history

TIG/m Modern Street Railways, Los Angeles, California is the manufacturer of the world's greenest streetcars for inner-city public transportation, and is working on are in major developments in Texas and California, and in Baha, Mexico. 

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