Friday, September 5, 2014

Caribbean Week - Dream It, Plan It and Go

Mark Your Calendar
October 5 - 12, 2014 - All Things Caribbean, All Week!

When making plans to visit the Caribbean region you are presented with a choice of over 32 different countries, and each island has its own unique culture and personality.

Many travelers assume the islands of the Caribbean are all the same with swaying palm trees, excellent beaches, turquoise waters and of course plenty of sunshine. 

I have visited all the Caribbean islands - with the exception of St Eustatius - and let me assure you the assumption that all the islands are the same is completely false. 

The islands offer a diverse culture of English, Spanish, Dutch, Indian and French blended by the cultures and traditions of Africa and other immigrant populations around the globe.

Some islands are great for sailing and diving, some are famous for their pink/black and white sand beaches, some offer plenty of sizzling nightlife, while others are known for a quiet romantic getaway. 

The Caribbean offers everything to fit any lifestyle including hiking, nature photography, history/archaeology, sailing, casinos, shop til you drop havens, and much more. 

The trick is finding just the right island destination 
to fit your lifestyle and expectation. 

 And that's what Caribbean Week is all about . . . 
DreamPlanGo has dedicated October 5th – 12th to All Things Caribbean, All Week!

Discover everything you need to know about 
Caribbean travel planning at one site!

From travel planning tips, ideas on where to stay and things you must do during your time there, this will be your hub covering all things Caribbean.

Categories/Articles & Topics for Caribbean Week:
  • Get to Know the Islands
  • Where to Stay
  • Island Activities
  • Caribbean Romance
  • Island Culture
  • “Did you know?” facts about Caribbean
For more information about the Caribbean, and Caribbean Week, be sure to check out travel inspiration site DreamPlanGo  

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