Friday, September 12, 2014

Cayman Islands Pirates Week - The only event of its kind in the Caribbean

The Cayman Islands National Festival - November 6 - 16th 2014 

Photos courtesy of Cayman Islands Tourist Bureau

Experience Pirates Week and celebrate 36 years of the Cayman Islands heritage and culture! 

11 fun filled days with wonderful local food & drink, music, street dances, float parade, cardboard boat race, sea swims, 5K walks/runs, turtle releases, Heritage Days, pirate invasion, Festival Queen crowning, and fireworks galore!competitions and so much more. 

The festival starts off on Thursday November 6 with the steel pan competition and kick-off party. On Friday the big features will be the opening Street Dance and Food Festival, crowning of the Festival Queenm and a there will be a glorious fireworks display. 

On Saturday thousands will line the streets to watch the infamous mock "pirate invasion" from the sea Two old-time sailing vessels, loaded with pirates make a Saturday surprise landing at the bowl-shaped George Town harbour with the pirates capturing the Governor. 

Try some of the Cayman Islands specialties during Pirates Week at the food festivals or the Heritage Days.

  • Conch Stew: Creamy concoction of conch, dumplings, coconut milk and seasoning/scotch bonnet peppers served over white rice
  • Fried Fish: Wahoo or mahi mahi fried and served with festival
  • Whelks: Type of mussel that has been stewed and served with white rice
  • Turtle: Stewed turtle meat served with rice and beans (also called peas)
  • Breadkind: Starchy foods such as breadfruit or cassava
  • Run down: Either salt beef or fish based stew that includes potatoes, coconut milk and dumplings

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Travel packages for Pirates Week, along with info on how to participate in the ‘pirate invasion’ or volunteer for the festival

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