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10 Reasons Why You Need To Be In Bonaire On Friday


Bon Bini means "Welcome" in the Papiamentu language predominately spoken among the locals in Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao - the islands of the Dutch Caribbean.

1) Delta’s New Friday Flight to Bonaire
Delta is making it even more convenient to reach Bonaire, and to kick off the weekend early with their new Friday flight. Delta now offers a second weekly non-stop flight from Atlanta to Bonaire, departing on Friday. 

2) Bonaire’s Fall Festival
Throughout the fall, the island’s tourism companies are offering accommodation packages, excursions and activities, and a whole menu of other specials for visitors who are traveling to Bonaire on the Delta Friday flight. The travel window for the promotion is now through December 19, 2014.

3) End the Work Week a Day Early
With Delta’s new Friday flight to Bonaire, visitors will have the luxury of ending their work week on Thursday and spending their Friday on Bonaire.

Photo Credit: Zonvakantie Bonaire - Belmar Oceanfront Apartments

4) Friday Happy Hours
Whether choosing to dine at one of the island’s award winning restaurants, or sip on a cocktail, visitors find that there’s no better place to enjoy a true island happy hour than on Bonaire. The island offers a variety of happy hour options at local beach bars, hotel bars or in and around Kralendijk.

5) Water Sports Galore
Take a dip in the pristine waters of Bonaire. Whether it’s scuba diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, kitesurfing or kayaking, there are plenty of options to get wet.  

Bonaire Salt Plains

6) Only Weekend Traffic is Underwater
86 dive sites without a single traffic light on the entire island, schools of fish are the only traffic on Bonaire.

7) Relax on a Sunset Sail
Bonaire is one of the most tranquil islands in the Caribbean, and there are hundreds of scenic spots to kick back and relax. Unwinds after your flight by starting the weekend with a sunset sail around Bonaire.

8) Gear Up and Dive In
Fridays on Bonaire typically mean that divers have to wrap up their vacation and return their dive gear. Fellow divers will be envious that the Friday travelers are just getting started and are gearing up to dive into the weekend.

9) Switch Up the Friday Routine
The choice of having toes in the sand or putting away groceries and doing laundry on a Friday night is obvious. Change up the schedule - Spend Friday delving into this Dutch Caribbean's islands culture and cuisine. 

10) Two Full Days of Recovery
Post-vacation blues - Visitors who travel on Fridays have two full days to recover from their Bonaire vacation and return to work refreshed.  

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