Monday, October 13, 2014

An Unconventional Burial on Dove Island Grenadines

This photo was taken years ago on my first visit to St Vincent & the Grenadines

I was so thrilled to be sailing the Grenadines on the Friendship Rose, the white cross atop the rock island was just another vacation photo, and I made no inquiry. 

During the next visit I asked one of the locals about the cross, and he referred to it as White Cross instead of Dove Island. He stated that one of the islands first businessmen was buried there. I then assumed the body was buried somewhere around the rock, however the remains are actually encased in the cross - but there's more to the burial story.   

Sylvester Gonsalves De Freitas was one of St. Vincent’s first entrepreneurs, and he owned the rock that is now known as Dove Island. Upon his death, his son buried his body standing straight up with arms outstretched inside the cross. The son's wish was for his father to continually look across the Indian Bay Estate where the family owned several properties. 

Mopion - a perfect sand dollop in the middle of the Caribbean Sea

Sailing through the Grenadine island chain is an incredible experience - and if you pass by Dove Island, remember De Freitas is overlooking the bay. 

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