Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Blogging the Caribbean

The blogging wrap-up this week covers Jamaica, Anguilla, the Bahamas, Quirky Tourists, and a Tasty Caribbean Cocktail . . . 

National Dance Theater Company (NDTC) of Jamaica

Marlon Simms and Kerry-Ann Henry in 'Minutes and Seconds' choreographed by Momo Sanno and Kerry-Ann Henry. Photo by: Bryan Robinson

The island of Jamaica is known around the globe for many things, however many tourists are not aware of the National Dance Theater Company. 

The NDTC is a voluntary group of dancers, singers, musicians and creative technicians who promote Jamaican culture through traditional dance arts and music.
Photo credit: PanAmerican World 

Learn more about this talented group at Panamerican World
NDTC Jamaica Returns to Toronto with ‘Tribute to Rex’

You May Not Know It Yet, But You Belong in Anguilla

Photo Credit:

I could definitely relate to the post by by Arlene Gibbs who wrote about not fully appreciating family travels as a teenager. I also was often bored, and only wanted to be back home enjoying the summer vacation with friends. It was only after reaching adulthood that I came to fully appreciate all the wonderful travel experiences and the impact it had on later becoming a travel agent for over a decade.  

Brief excerpt from the blog post "My parents are from St. Martin (totally different from the Dutch side, St. Maarten) and both my grandmothers were Anguillian. Whenever we went to St. Martin to stay with my paternal grandparents, we ferried over to Anguilla to visit family and friends. 

When I was a child it, was fun to hang out with my cousins, go the beaches, and stuff ourselves on Johnnycakes, rice and peas, and salt fish cakes. But as for the stunning white beaches of the island, they were lost on me when I was older. I mean, I was a teenager. Visiting relative after relative while sitting on their verandas for hours drinking Ting was boring" Continue reading at FathomAway 

Rum Journal: The Blue Hole

Recently blogged about Deans Blue Hole on Long Island Bahamas, however that's not the only reason this cocktail caught my attention. I have pinned over 365 drink recipes on my Caribbean Cocktail Pinterest board

The Out Islands of the Bahamas are famous for their mysterious blue holes, underwater caves that draw adventurous divers from all over the world. 

And at Deep Water Cay, a private-island resort just off the east end of Grand Bahama, guests are drawn to another type of blue hole, equally as mesmerizing. Get the recipe, along with what's happening in the Caribbean at Caribbean Journal 

Underwater Ocean Atlas Sculpture - Bahamas
Photo Credit: Design Boom

WOW! The net has been abuzz about Jason Decaires Taylor's 60 ton "Ocean Atlas" underwater sculpture submerged off the western coast of New Providence, Bahamas. 

Take a look at how the sculpture was submerged, and please share the site 

The 5 Tourists You Will Meet in the Caribbean 
Ohhh, I've met each of these quirky travelers . . . 

Funny rant about tourists

Photo Credit: Women Who Live on Rocks

Sometimes we’re the locals and sometimes we’re the tourists. And we all know there is nothing quite like the unearned, false sense of superiority that comes with being a local in a sea of tourists. 

Oh, how we love to mock their unfamiliarity of local customs and foolish, foreign attire. Yet when the tables are turned… oh, how we hope to be seen as the shining individuals of inherent coolness we consider ourselves.
Read full post here 

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