Sunday, October 19, 2014

Update: Bermuda Getting Back to Business After Hurricane

Bermuda is in full recovery mode after being hit by two storms in the past few weeks (Fay and Gonzalo). 

Gonzalo was the strongest storm to hit in over a decade, and thankfully no lives were lost. Bermuda has very strict building codes which ensure structures can withstand sustained winds of at least 110 mph. 

Bermuda is a group of islands linked by a causeway (10 main bridges) 
Photo Credit - Bernews 
Damage to the island's causeway is a major concern to islanders - and while sections were damaged - the causeway is reported to be open. 

While the clean up is underway, there's more good news. Cruise Critic UK reports Bermuda will be ready to accept cruise ships this week 

Video shot during landfall

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