Sunday, November 16, 2014

First Time Ever! Elbow Beach Bermuda Opens for Winter

Elbow Beach, one of the best boutique resorts on Bermuda, 
has made a landmark decision to stay open during this winter season

Elbow Beach is located on the southern shore offers 98 guestrooms on 50 acres of property 
All photo's courtesy of Elbow Beach Resort Bermuda

As Bermuda is a sub-tropical island, it is much cooler in winter than the Caribbean region. Average daily temps range from 60-70 degrees, and the island receives fewer tourists during this season.     

This year Elbow Beach is specifically marketing to families with vacation packages starting at $577 per night with a three-night minimum. 

The package offers daily breakfast, four (4) passes to the aquarium, three hours of babysitting service, a 50-minute massage for one person and 50% off a second room. Additional rates start at $227 per night from now through December 31, 2014.

While many travelers prefer a warmer island vacation, many golfers, tennis players and deep sea anglers love the cool winter season. The gulf stream aids in keeping the temperatures mild, and Bermuda has no defined rainy season. That's not to say you won't encounter heavy rains at times, however the sunny blue skies reappear quickly. 

During this season you can still enjoy laying out on the miles of stunning pink sand beaches. However venturing out into the ocean swimmers, scuba divers and snorkelers will find the waters quite chilly. And you might be in for a weather surprise, as temperatures can rise during this season - but don't count on it. 

If sunny blue skies and cooler temps are your ideal island vacation, then Bermuda is the spot during North America's winter months. Definitely bring a jacket or sweater!

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