Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Blogging the Caribbean

Travel to Haiti: First Impressions

Haiti Tap Tap Bus Photo Courtesy of Uncornered Market

Haiti is complicated. Even Haitians will tell you that. Each time we thought we grasped something about Haiti, another event would intervene that would help us realize we had only just peeled back one layer of our understanding of the Haitian cultural onion. And that’s what makes Haiti so fascinating: it tempts one to question, to experience, to learn and to re-learn – an invitation to penetrate as closely as a visitor might to its innermost layers.

3 Locations Every Couple Should Add to their Bucket List 

White Island Photo Courtesy of GrenadaGrenadines Blog

It is said that “every great love has a story.” Here's three captivating places (Sandy Island, White Island, Oyster Beds) that you and your sweetheart should add to your bucket list to fuel your love story. Grenada-Grenadines Blog

Exploring the Asa Wright Nature Centre in Trinidad & Tobago

Agouti photo credit: The Constant Rambler

The agouti looks like a huge rat with course hair, walks on its toes, and is one of the oddest animals I have seen in the Caribbean  . . . 

Aside from Carnival, the nature center is my most memorable experience while visiting Trinidad - it's a must do for nature lovers. Read full post at  The Constant Rambler

St Martin is the Caribbean Paradise You’ve Overlooked

Marigot St Martin - Travel 2 the Caribbean

How much do you know about the island of St. Martin? Have you ever considered it as a luxury vacation destination? If you’re unfamiliar with the vacation opportunities in St. Martin, it’s might be because it’s one of those amazingly beautiful destination that, luckily for you, is flying a bit under the radar. Single Travel Guide


Nelson Dockyard photo courtesy of Uncover Your Caribbean

Antigua is a popular and beautiful sailing and yachting destination. The island even sets the stage for this picturesque activity, with its soft mountains and glorious waters. It is also home to the famous Antigua Sailing Week which is normally held in the Spring and is regarded as one of the top regatta events in the world. 

On this picture journey we are going to take you on a short tour of Nelson’s Dockyard in Antigua.

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