Friday, December 26, 2014

Blogging the Caribbean

Happy Holidays! 

Sharing a few blog posts I enjoyed reading this past week about this islands of St Maarten, Cayman Brac, Curacao, Long Island Bahamas, Cuba and Haiti. 

Caribbean Santa

Photo Credit: Maria Is My Name

Next to the tree, sitting on a low-lying wall, is Santa Claus. Say what? Santa Claus? Here? It’s 80 degrees, I’m on a cruise in the Caribbean, and we’re docked on the island of Saint-Martin.  

“How much longer can he sit on that ledge in this heat?” Poor Santa-man, I think. I feel sorry for him. I’m concerned with his dehydration. “I hope someone is giving him water.” (ˆ◡ˆ) Continue Reading 

Photo Essay of Cayman Brac - Grand Cayman's Little Sister Island 

Photo Credit: The Traveling Philosopher

There’s only one hotel on the entire island, which can be driven from one end to the other in 30 minutes. There are no stoplights, no franchises, no high-rises, and no nightlife. But it’s for these reasons that it is a destination . . .  

A Drive Through the Dutch Caribbean Island of Curaçao 

Photo Credit: We Blog the World

Curaçao is a little undiscovered gem, largely because it’s less known, small in size and not yet littered with tall resort properties on every pristine beach. You can still find a piece of beach you can entirely call your own or go on a beach or cliff walk and not see another soul. Bliss! See the drive through Curacao

Water adventures in Long Island, Bahamas – Photo Essay

Photo Credit: Four Jandals Adventure Travel Blog

Enjoy a relaxed and remote atmosphere, with beautiful beaches and amazing sunsets - the weather is warm, the water is clear and the locals are super friendly!

Visiting Haiti: My First Impressions

Photo Credits: Lebawit Lily Girma (Sunshine and Stilettos)

I ♥ Lebawit Lily Girma - She is a fantastic photographer/travel writer/author/former attorney and serial expat who has lived on three continents, and is fluent in four languages. Take a look at her first impressions of Haiti

The Cuban Embargo: Memories of the Mouse that Roared 

Photo Credit: Blog Women On the Road

My first night in Cuba I broke the law - My friends and I stayed in an illegal guesthouse . . . 

An insightful read from Blog Women on the Road 

Happy Holidays & Safe Travels,

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