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Cuba Travel Photo Essay - PT 3

Showcasing the island of Cuba via photography - Links for Part 1 and Part 2 included at end of post

Santa Clara is a small tropical island located just North of Cuba, and is linked to the mainland by a 30 mile causeway.  

All Cuba Photo Credits via Craig Searle and Carolyn Percy-Searle 

Horses still play a vital part in transporting goods on the island 

Beautiful Vintage Taxi

This charming city which offers significant historical sites commemorating revolutionary hero Ernesto Che Guevara. Aside from the historical sites, destination with eight miles of beautiful beaches in nearby Cayo Santa Maria. 

A 22 ft statue overlooks the main square, and his remains are contained in a mausoleum. There are also several museums in the city which document his life. 

The small boxcar museum is the site where on December 19, 1958, Che Guevara and 18 revolutionaries derailed an armored train with molotov cocktails - and a bulldozer which remains at the entrance. 

The train carried over 300 armed government troops, and with this defeat the small group helped defeat the Batista regime, which was replaced by Fidel Castro.

Small businesses sell wares throughout the island 

Fresh coconut water

Cuban's take great pride in these vintage cars, and are constantly 
working to keep them running

Remedios is a small quiet town located to the West of Santa Clara. The town is known for its charming colonial structures, and was declared a National Monument in 1980

Train stopped in Remedios -  Cuba has a railroad network that runs the length of the island - the only one of its kind in the Caribbean. The train provides affordable transportation for locals and visitors

Iglesia Parroquial Mayor - Remedios

Getting around Remedios in a Bici Taxi

Cuba Travel Photo Essay Part 1 and Part 2 

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