Friday, February 13, 2015

7 Hours in St Lucia

Just 7 hours on one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean . . .  
so much to see, and just a little time on a recent cruise visit

The size of an island can be deceiving, and having stayed on the island several times I knew navigating through the winding roads to several locations would eat up time quickly. 

Tet Paul Nature Trail was on the to do list for capturing spectacular views of the famous Piton landmarks, along with a trip to the Botanical Gardens - and of course a few hours of sunny beach time.  

The St Lucia parrot is just as colorful as the islands tropical plants

Managed to catch a great view of lovely Marigot Bay

Stopped and bought Banana Ketchup, Honey Time (Honey, Rum & Lime, 
and a bottle of local Spiced Rum from an island vendor

Sugar Beach

Time is running out after a couple of hours on the beach - 
time to head back to the cruise ship - and we were among the last to arrive!

Happy Travels,

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