Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Little Bit of France in the Caribbean

The island of Martinique is a French territory, part of the European Union, 
and is located between Dominica and St Lucia 

If you are looking for a real taste of France in the Caribbean - This is it!!

Fort de France, capital of Martinique, is the largest city in the French Antilles

The island has lush rain forests in the north, wide expansive plains and mangroves in the center of the island, secluded white sand lagoons along the southern Caribbean coast framed by rocky hills, and exotic bluish/black volcanic sand beaches in the North. 

The islands Atlantic side features at least 10 locations for surfing, and Martinique offers more than 90 dive sites with an average water temp of 80 degrees and excellent visibility. 

In the North is the highest point Mount Pelee, an active volcano that stands at 4,500 feet 

The island has been named as one of the best eco island destinations as two thirds of the island is protected parkland. There are over 20 hiking trails, and lush mountainous rain forests. 

The Carib Indians called Martinique the "Isle of Flowers" - the rich volcanic soil is the perfect environment for all the colorful exotic flowers and over 100 species of orchids.  

Diamond Rock (Le Diamant)

Majestic Landmarks and unique architecture date back to the early 19th century

The Schoelcher Library is one of the most beautiful monuments in Fort-de-France with its multicolored basilica and Byzantine glass dome. 

The library is named in honor of Victor Schoelcher 
who dedicated his life to the opposition to slavery

Saint-Louis Cathedral - Fort-de-France

Unique French and Creole Cuisine

France gave the island its wonderful cuisine, and the creole flavors come the local ingredients infused with food from the Caribbean, Africa, Europe and India. 

Unique to Martinique are the homemade sorbet on the beaches made from traditional recipes handed down through the generations - choose from coconut, guava, papaya, passion fruit, tamarind and banana.

The island has 10 distilleries which produce world quality rum, along with excellent French wines. Martinique produces  Rhum Agricole which is made by distilling only fermented sugar cane juice, and is aged at least 3 years. 

Martinique c'est magnifique! 

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