Wednesday, February 4, 2015

St Kitts By Rail and Sail

St Kitts was the fourth stop on our 7 day Southern Caribbean cruise schedule last week

Carnival Valor Pulling into Port

Having been to the island several times there's only so much to do within a 7 hour visit. 

So we opted to split our time viewing the islands lush interior by rail, and then set sail on a catamaran around St Kitts western coastline, and ended the day with a very brief beach visit. 

St Kitts Scenic Railway

The history of today's Scenic Train dates back to the early 1900's when the train route was used to deliver sugar cane from the fields to the sugar mill in the capital city Basseterre. 

In 2005 the island ceased sugar production, and the train is now one of the islands tourist attractions. 

Dubbed the first scenic railway tour in the Caribbean, the route runs along the Northeastern coast, and crosses three tall narrow steel bridges over deep canyons.

Spectacular views of the islands lush rain forest, towering cliffs, small villages, farmland, the crashing Atlantic surf, and the ever present volcanic cone of Mt. Liamuiga in the background. 

It's a slow ride - the train speed is approximately 10 mph - this is good as the cars sway back and forth on the narrow tracks. The slow speed gives passengers a great opportunity for photo's. 

The open air top seats offer the best views, and the lower level has large picture windows, tables and chairs and is air conditioned. Each of the 5 cars have a hostess serving alcoholic and non-alcoholic refreshments - and an on-board local choir provides entertainment. 

St John's Anglican Church

Gates are manually operated as the train travels through the villages 

Levi Pemberton worked on the train back in the sugar producing days, 
and he's still around making sure everyone is comfortable

The day could not have been more prefect for a catamaran sail . . . 
Clear blues skies, cooling breezes and lots of sunshine 

The lively crew kept the music and rum drinks flowing, 
and the snack lunch was right on time. 

We did not see monkeys in the trees while on the train, however there were plenty to view on our way to the beach.  Actually there are more monkeys on the island than people! 

By the time we arrived at the beach my iPad battery was dead - and the portable charger was on-board the ship - no beach pics on our brief 45 minute stay!

Goodbye St Kitts
The sun begins to set as we sail away

Happy Travels,

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