Friday, March 27, 2015

Blogging the Caribbean

PHOTOS: Jamaica’s other famous waterfall

The most well-known waterfall in Jamaica is Dunn’s River Falls in Ocho Rios on the northern side of the island.  For those visiting the southern or eastern part of the island, there is another natural gem. Blogger Travel Chica definitely captured the beauty of YS Falls 

4 Reasons Why Aruba is Different From Other Caribbean Islands

Photo Credit: Johnny Jet

Aruba’s Dutch heritage is noticeable from the moment you touch down. Oranjestad’s architecture, the local language Pappiamento (a mix of Portuguese and Dutch), and a variety of Dutch-influenced food are all part of an experience that, in my opinion, other islands cannot match. 

Johnny Jet, the travel insider gives four reasons why you should play a visit to this happy island

72 Hours in Saba, the Caribbean’s “Unspoiled Queen”

Photo Credit: Gear Patrol

One of my top 5 places to kick back and relax - after one hair-raising flight,  I opt to take the ferry from St Maarten when visiting - Linda

The trip to Saba gets interesting before you even set foot on its soil. Its tiny airport sits on a plateau between a jagged coastline and sharply rising cliffs on the north side of the island, where the winds often howl. 

The runway is the shortest commercial one in the world at 1,312 feet and is completely incapable of handling anything larger than a 15- or 20-seat intra-island plane (for comparison, Denver has the longest commercial runway in the US at 16,000 feet). This makes for a landing you won’t forget. Read more at Gear Patrol

A Caribbean Ice Bar 

Photo Credit: Browsing the Atlas

After traveling to St Thomas many times, I cannot bring myself to step inside the ice bar. As a person who experiences below zero temps during the winter months in the US Midwest, this bar holds no interest. However I can see the attraction for those who want to experience a one-of-a-kind experience in the Caribbean - Linda 

The space is tiny - only about a dozen people can be in there at any given time. I did not have to worry - not that many Caribbean-bound people are interested in subjecting themselves to a 17-degree Fahrenheit refrigerated room. Continue reading the the blog post at Browsing the Atlas 

3 Caribbean Food Tours You Need to Take right Now

Photo Credit: Caribbean Journal

To get the true flavor of a destination you have to … well … taste it. 
Visit Caribbean Journal and learn more about food tours in San Juan, the Bahamas, and Jamaica.

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