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Colors of Curacao Photo Essay

One of the most beautiful and colorful capital cities in the Caribbean

Photo Credit: Travel 2 the Caribbean

photo credit: Curaçao - Handelskade from Ship via photopin (license)

The capital city is a Dutch styled fantasyland painted in the palettes of pink, orange, yellow, green, and ocean blue.

Entrance to the Kura Hulanda Museum

Museum Kura Hulanda features Curacao cultures along with showcasing African exhibits, dating from 500 B.C.

photo credit: IMG_0516.jpg via photopin (license)

You will find well preserved buildings with architecture from the 
18th century all over the island.

Photo Credit: Travel 2 the Caribbean

The Queen Emma Bridge which connects the two sides of the capital city. 

Walking Across the Queen Emma Bridge Photo Credit: Travel 2 the Caribbean

The bridge is at least 100 years old, and swings open to make way for ships docking or passing through. 

Photo Credit: Travel 2 the Caribbean

When the bridge is open, you can take a free ferry ride to the other side. 

Photo Credit: Travel 2 the Caribbean

Curacao has another unique bridge 
The Queen Julianna Bridge is the tallest in the Caribbean

photo credit: Curacao via photopin (license)

View from Fort Amsterdam

Photo Credit: Travel 2 the Caribbean
Colorful intricate art on the buildings and cafes in Willemstad

Rif Fort   
The historic fort has restaurants bars and shops, and is located at the 
entrance of the St. Anna Bay

Curacao has the distinction of having the largest 
ostrich breeding farm outside of Africa  

In Curacao the ostrich are bred and raised for human consumption. I was told ostrich tastes a lot like beef, has less fat along with being low in cholesterol, high in protein and iron. Nothing goes to waste at the farm - leftovers are fed to the pigs and croc's - and ostrich bones, egg shells and feathers are used for crafts.  

Yellow Cactus Flower
The interior of the island is dotted with cactus

Gotta ♥ a Blue Cocktail Which Tastes Like Orange! 

Blue Curaçao is an orange liqueur dyed blue.

Keeping with the vibrant colors of the island - the unique Blue Curacao is a sweet blue liqueur, distilled and flavored from the dried peel of bitter oranges. 

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