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Savor the Flavor During Bonaire Cuisine Month

The Dutch Caribbean island of Bonaire is celebrating 
"Bonaire Cuisine Month" during the entire month of May 

Bonaire offers a unique and varied choice of cuisine with over 70 restaurants on the island. Participating restaurants will offer culinary specials with pre-fixed menus, signature cocktails/entrees and happy hour specials. 

During the month additional foodie activities will include cooking demonstrations from select restaurants. Invitations are going out to top food bloggers and social media influencers who will share their culinary experiences via social media during the month. 

Bistro de Paris - Photo Credit: Bonaire Bliss


  • At Sea Restaurant
  • Buddy Dive Resort: Blennies Restaurant 
  • Buddy Dive Resort: Ingridients 
  • Diver's Diner Bar & Grill 
  • La Cantina 
  • Lek Lek Thai Food 
  • Plaza Beach Resort Bonaire 
  • Posada Para Mira 
  • Spice Beach Club Bonaire 
  • Sonia Home 

Retro Pizza on Kaya Grandi in Kralendijk - Photo Credit:

Aside from becoming known as a foodie destination, 
here's a brief overview of the island . . . 

Photo Credit:

Bonaire is part of the ABC islands (Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao) all of which are located outside the Caribbean hurricane belt. Located approximately 80 miles east of Aruba, the island has a low annual rainfall, and offers year round sunshine. 

Bonaire is known globally as a top destination for its sustainable tourism, and its pristine waters are a mecca for diving and snorkeling. This is one island where the coral formations are pristine, and the fish population is the most abundant in the Caribbean. 

PERSONAL FOOD TIP - If you love authentic Chinese food
China Nobo is one of islands oldest restaurants, and the Chan family serves the best Cantonese and Schwezwan food. It's one of the best, and most economical meals you will have on the island. 

Visit the tourism site to learn more about Bonaire

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