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Port Antonio Jamaica in the Limelight

An Authentic Jamaican Getaway

Jamaica's coastal resort town of Port Antonio 
is often described as the "Other Jamaica

Located on the Northeast coast, Port Antonia is the capital of Portland, one of Jamaica’s fourteen parishes. This region of Jamaica is a panorama of nature's finest! 

Rafting on the Rio Grande

Here you can explore the majestic Blue Mountains, raft the Rio Grande, relax at Somerset and Reach Falls, and discover the million year old subterranean Nonsuch Caves. 

Reach Falls

One of the most famous attractions is the Blue Lagoon where the water changes color depending on the time of day.  Staying at Tropical Lagoon gives guests direct access down to the lagoon - check out the video. I've included a link to the property below.



Frenchman's Cove - Photo Credit: 

Portland is home to many of Jamaica’s finest beaches – Frenchman's Cove, Boston, Long Bay Beach, Dragon and San San Bays, and Winifred’s Beach are found in Portland. 

San San Bay - Photo Credit:


A visit to Port Antonio would be incomplete without sampling its world famous jerk chicken or pork in its original home. 

Port Antonio is well known for its jerk pork and chicken - particularly in Boston Bay. Jamaica has a very diverse culture, and its impact is seen in the island's culinary offerings of Chinese, European, Indian and African - all of which combine to create a spicy combination that is uniquely Jamaican. 

There are a variety of restaurants which provide excellent Jamaican staples including fresh seafood, along with the inns and villas which offer gourmet dining. Some of the popular spots include Dickie's Best-Kept Secret and Bryan's Bay for local fare. Mocking Bird Hill's restaurant Mille Fleurs offers a unique offering of Euro-Caribbean cuisine. 

Try Woody's Low Bridge Place and Anna Bananas for a fun family atmosphere or the Bushbar at Geejam Hotel for authentic Asian-influenced Jamaican cuisine. 

Port Antonio's nightlife vibe is all about relaxation with after dinner drinks. As the night goes on the entertainment ramps up with live music at small local and rooftop bars where locals and tourists mix and mingle. The music ranges from reggae, dance hall, along with R&B. Weekly street dances called "Chicken Back" takes place in the downtown area every Thursday night. 

Jamaica Blue Mountain view from Hotel Mockingbird Hill

Popular Things to do in Port Antonio

Blue Mountain Bicycle Tour takes riders down the mountainside and along rolling hills. This is the ideal tour to photograph the world-famous Jamaican Blue Mountains and lush, tropical countryside. 

Rio Grande Rafting is one of the most popular tours in Port Antonio. Experienced guides take travelers down the winding Rio Grande in bamboo rafts, and you can also take a dip in the river. 

Somerset Falls - hidden in the rain forest, where the Daniels River cascades down a narrow gorge of lush ferns. It's a great day of sunning, swimming and relaxing in the deep rock pools. 

Long Bay Beach

Where to Stay 

Port Antonio thrives on its seclusion, intimacy and luxury, so you will not find resort chains here. Instead Port Antonio offers independent hotels, charming guesthouses, beachfront cottages, and villas. 

One of my favs - Hotel Mocking Bird Hill offers a vacation to remember. Awesome views, fantastic food, luxury rooms, close to Frenchman's Cove Beach - 

Tropical Lagoon - Make your fantasy of the Blue Lagoon come true here! Enjoy views of Blue Lagoon and Caribbean Sea are visible from your villa - 

Drapers San - Just 2 cottages in this small B&B located in Portland, right outside Port Antonio - fantastic beach!! 

Frenchman’s Cove Resort - Offers an array of individual cottages on one of the best beaches on the island. Upscale rooms and cuisine. 

Great Huts - Unique B&B property with African style huts and tree houses - reasonable rates. 

Goblin Hill Villas - 1 and 2 bedroom villas includes cook and housekeeper - 

Trident Hotel - Rates range from $540 to $990 per night including breakfast, depending on the season - 

Getting There 

Fly into Kingston's Norman Manley International Airport via Air Canada Rouge, American Airlines, Caribbean Airlines, Continental, Delta, Fly Jamaica, JetBlue, Southwest and Spirit. 

From Kingston you can also take a two-hour transfer to Port Antonio. Use an approved transportation provider such as Jamaica Union of Travellers Association (JUTA) or Jamaica Co-operative Automobile Limousine Tours (JACAL). 

For more info on Port Antonio visit or visit Jamaica's touirism site 

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