Thursday, May 21, 2015

Annual All Andros 2015 Crab Festival

Andros, Land of the Crabs, is the largest Bahamas Out Island, and the island has the distinction of having the largest free roaming population of land crabs in The Bahamas

Land crabs are an integral part of Bahamian culture, and also a lucrative business. This year over 10,000 visitors from the U.S. and Europe are expected to attend the festival. 

Photo Credit: Nassau Guardian

First a little background on the tasty land crab . . . 

The crabs live in burrows in the islands back country, and their normal diet consists of berries, insects and leaves. The first heavy rainfall in May is the signal for the crabs to leave the countryside and set out for their annual migration to the sea to lay their eggs. 

Once the migration starts they are pretty easy to spot - especially when crossing the main road. 

Tourists are invited to join the locals once the "Land Crabbin" season begins. There is an art to catching these crabs as you have to be careful of the detachable claws when can cause a lot of pain. The locals will be happy to instruct newbies on the proper way to catch and avoid being injured. 

All during the mating season you will see people catching crabs anytime of the day or night. Proper land crabbing gear consists of heavy gloves, sticks, canvas bags, and flashlights if crabbing at night. Last but not least you will certainly need mosquito repellent - especially if you venture into the back country. 

Festival Highlights/Events

  • Land Crabs Cooked 101 Ways - crab & rice, crab soup, crab & dough and 98 more recipes!
  • Crab Cultural Show
  • Crab Culinary Contest
  • Crabs of Andros - life cycle display
  • Live Entertainment - Native Bahamas Rake & Scrape Music
  • Crab Release - 40 dozens crabs are release for the crowd to catch

Getting to Andros
Traveling to Fresh Creek Andros by air is a short 15 minute ride from the New Providence, Bahamas. Another option is traveling by boat from New Providence.

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