Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Foldable Lightweight Luggage

After many trips my carry on bag is showing its age. I need a lightweight spinner, and just ordered this cute red foldable upright from Baiggi. Are you in the market for new luggage? 

For travelers with limited luggage storage space, instead of storing luggage inside one another or stacking them in a closet, you can now fold and put them away a lot more easily.

All bags feature four swiveling wheels for smooth mobility, along with a patented hinge and soft sides that let you fold each bag in on itself for easy storage

BIAGGI has an entire line of luggage that flattens into a fraction of the original size - even a 30-inch suitcase with wheels can be condensed. 

Another company LIPAULT makes a line of foldable luggage that compresses to less than half the initial size. The entire line is lightweight, including a carry-on that weighs under 5 pounds. 

Duffel bags are the easiest to shrink down, so you can easily find a few manufacturers that make them.

The REI STUFF TRAVEL DUFFEL can be rolled up to fit into a small pouch, and Eagle Creek also makes a large duffel that can be condensed to 50% of its original size. You can carry it like a duffle or wear it like a backpack, and when you're finished, stuff it in to its own pocket.

Source: Peter Greenberg 

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